Steve Rout - witty, charming and hung like a donkey?

"Witty" and "charming" are, I naturally assume, the phrases you used if a search engine brought you to this page. For those of you who were in desperate need to find someone or something "hung like a donkey", I suggest that this special donkey page may answer your needs better...

Plus, of course, you can make a donation while you are visiting that site.

So, why this page with the dubious title, then? Actually, before we go there, is it possible for me to try to convince you about the justice of the first two comments?


Well, I've been known to tell the odd joke or two. We're not talking Oscar Wilde here, mind you, but I've kept people amused for a while in public. But, OK, you'll need to go here for a real witty person ....


Charming? Grandmothers love me, mothers love me - in fact, thinking about it, those are the generations I should be targeting these days anyway. (That was a faint attempt at a joke - see "witty" above.) But I don't know? Charming? It somehow puts me in mind of Adam Ant and frail, frantic types

So what is the point of this waste of internet real estate?

I know, I know. The bright young things of the new web journalism are selling their mothers for web space and here's a page full of nothing.

Actually, if you would like to head off over here, you'll see the point of this (it opens in a new window, for semi-obvious reasons) from a kind of warped SEO point of view.


So. There you have it. Steve Rout. Not that witty. Not that charming. And who's hung like a donkey anyway?